EMINEM - Pistol Pistol (Remix) lyrics

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[Eminem] O. Trice, c'mon!

[Obie Trice]

Yeah, niggaz got me

I'ma get 'em, it ain't over

[Chorus: Obie Trice]

You can catch me in the whip with a fifth of pimp juice (yeah!)

And I'm poppin the clip, 'bout to fix this issue (woo!)

You pray that I don't hit, I ain't equipped to miss you (no!)

You're gonna need an ambulance to stitch your tissue (nigga!)

Or either have a bag on your hip to shit through (ha!)

You seen us on the ave, ain't just to get you

But my penis is a mag, when I lift it hits you (DA-DA-DA-DA-DA!)

Cause I don't go nowhere without my pistol pistol

[Obie Trice]

I, solemnly swear on my, daughter's tears

The nigga that got him in the head will feel it before the year ends

(That's right) Hope you inconspicuous, my friend

Cause once the word get back you in a world of sin (sin)

Bullets will hurdle at him, for tryin to murder what's

been determined as the first solo African (me!)

To go platinum where the accident happened at

But maggots I'm alive with vengeance to get back (get back!)

My momma blood pressure was affected from that

My lil' girl need her daddy on the phone at a certain time

Exact now, and niggaz act wild (foul)

But when the mac come out, y'all niggaz ex' out (blaow!)

And I don't wanna hear X-Y-Z

I'm X'in out your whole entity for tryin to kill me (me nigga)

Filthy motherfuckers, I'll show you what real be (real be nigga)

When these H-T-B's light up your kidneys (woo!)

I'm so sincere, you see in a hearse this year

It's not a verse it's a curse from birth and what's on your person over here

This is Obie hearin clear, niggaz beware

We're comin at you with firearms in air (yeah nigga!)

And your purpose so superfluous

How could I be merciful when murkin me's a mercenary's goal? (uh)

Nigga I got paper, I'll have ya ass urgently exposed (what!)

No emergency's bringin back your souls

Slugs shatter your bones for pat-pattin me in the dome

Learn this patter-in, we catch him at home, he wrong

That's when automatics sporadically catch him in the abdomen

Another +Dirty+ motherfucker's gone (YEAH!)


{*gunshot and people screaming*}

[Outro: Obie]

"Second Round's on Me" (robbin, shootin, killin, murder)

Oh shit RUNNN! (robbin, shootin, killin, murder)

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