EMINEM - Pick It Up lyrics

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(feat. Proof)


Yo yo, back again


turn it up a lil bit, pick it up pick it up

yo pick it up pick it up

yo yo pick it up

If you find a phone call in a ten westward line what the hell you gon' do? (Pick it up! Pick it up!)


If your ball falls out with a pad on the floor, what the hell you gon' do? (Pick it up! Pick it up!)


While i'm smackin' up girls to keep the hoes in check

The double S Slim Shady wreck the London set

Sit back and relax while my squad smokes crack

And tap your man back be like:

(You see that?)

Oh yes, comin' from the mother friggen mid west

Lift your shirt up and let me see them big breasts

We molest girls three times a day three times a night

I got G4s of criminal peoples

Jumpin' out when we ten deep

Beat you down and speed off in a benz jeep

Girls be like: Eminem changed his style up

Shut up the hell up i'm still seven mile slut!

it's 97 so get witt it

Peep that back in the day stuff on the Infinite tape resetin'

Listen, must we forget it

I originated all that ruff shit, that talk drug shit

That left mutha fuckas who said our sound is like horse shit

Detroit city is where I grew up bitch

Peace to all my outsiders and jers

Forget what you hurd this is three and one third


If you have an STD and your penis falls on the floor, what the hell you gon' do? (pick it up! pick it up!)

(ahhh yeah yeah yeah pick it up pick it up)

If you see a Slim Shady tape on the fuckin' rack, What is Dre gunna go? (ooohhhh)

(On the uckin rack, on the uck without the f)


I get def mcees stepped to the left

I bust mcees and my name is Wyclef

I play the banjo, piano what ever it is I rock like Berry Mantelo

Yo it's Slim Shady on the friggen' deck

Y'all don't check it out I wreck the Frim Shady set

The Frim Shady is what I said because i'm fuckin' drunk

I pick it up, pick it up, I sound like a punk


Ayo they wish they could ban me back

Yo you standin' back

Def methods ayo got my hand in that

Who ever runnin' it ayo you get a jammed knee cap

Make the healthiest of your fam handicap

You a fan of rap, my clan will tap your school, home, ya bitch house

Pull my nine milli you gon' die with your fist out

Henemous is over with

Venemous is cobra spit

Aggressive dialect with aggressive sober bitch

My bionic phonics, demolish your logic, demonic can't stand the chronic impossible to hold on like vomit

Mics I palm it, cause they the bombit

Like terrorist Islamic I enter your atmosphere like a comet

The new god of rap, call me Bigger Thor

Snap your back when I slap your ass in a figure 4

From miles around they can feel us, lethal

I make hardcore groups like Wu Tang sound like the village people

Be no sequel, of the generize, finish style, bust em' down right now, the winner is me

Then my man Mr. Paul we gon' star

Make your heart beat for your tryna' get down with us

We ball to the end, it's time to pretend

My friend to the left of me, the death of me

Me recipe to be with this don't even test mcees

Y'all can't get with us it's the dress, dress on ya

[Eminem & Proof:]

You can hate me now

I'm so drunk im throwin up now

throwin up now



Hand me an .8

Beam me up and land me in space

I'ma sit on top of the world and spit on Brandy and Mase

I'm more than ill

Scarier than a white person trapped in a room with Lauryn Hill

Human horror film

But with a lot funnier plot, and people will feel me

Cause I'ma still be the Madd Rapper

Whether I got money or not

As long as I'm on pills, and I got plenty of pot

I'll be in a canoe paddlin', makin fun of your yacht

But I would like an award

For the best rapper to get one mic in The Source

and a wardrobe I can afford

Otherwise I might get sent up back-strike in a Ford

And you wonder what the hell I need more Vicadin for

Everybody's pissin' me off

Even the No Limit Tank looks like a middle finger sideways flippin me off

No damn I'm a great danger to my health

Why else would I kill you then jump in the grave and bury myself?


Yah need to run for cova'

Eminem is white but he's still my brotha

Yes, yes in the flesh

Im the mc from the mid west i take it through the kids chest

They say they wanna battle us~

[Cuts out]

Thanks to Pico El-Sanchezario for correcting these lyrics

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