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I am phenomenal, wit every ounce of my blood

Wit every breath in my lungs

Won't stop until I'm phenomenal

I am phenomenal, howeva long that it takes

I'll go to whateva rates

It's gonna make me a monster tho'

I am phenomenal, but I would neva say

"Oh, it’s impossible" cuz I'm gonna be phenomenal


Unstoppable, unpoppable thought bubbles

Unstoppable thoughts, fucking juggernaut that'll

Stomp ya in the verse, obstacles I'm drawn to 'em

When the goin' got rough

Show ‘em what I done thought that was the worse, little sissy

Who the fuck taught ya how to persevere?

There ain't no situation that ya eva had to respond to that's adverse

The messiest thing you've eva gone through is yo purse

Yeah, I don't try like Captain, I might as well

Hang it up like a shelf, gotta keep growing wit it, evolve

Cuz ya can keep throwing shit at the wall

But you're gonna find that nothing's gonna stick until ya apply yoself

Time to slip in that zone till I find myself

Inside the realm where the unknown and boldly go

In the waters where nobody else has gone befo'

Or willin' to go, uncharted, feelin' is so

Bomb, I'm feeling myself, I'm a giant

Sumetimes I gotta remind myself that I am...


(Verse 2)

Let me self-empower ya

When you're down and they're trying to clown the fuck out of ya

When ya feel like you're running outta fuel

I'll show ya how to use doubt as fuel

Convert it to gunpowder too

Now what ya do is put the match to the charcoal fluid

Put a spark to it like Martha Stewart barbecuin'

Ah screw it, feel like ya want to hit that wall then do it

Punch through it, just cock back, put yo all into it

Now ya gon' take that rage and make that what ya raise

Neva take back what ya say

If ya stay trapped in yo brain, engage in this fueled cage match

Ready to scrap asap

Take yo fists to his bones

Show Biggie who's smallest you're Christopher Wallace

Yeah I picture 'em all as plastic and foam

Lays flat, where ya put yo dinner plates at

And set it off like a placemat

(I am phenomenal)

And I want ya to say that



Said I need ya to make a note

And find yoself, yo glory, free yo person

(Verse 3)

Is that a fuckin' mouth wit no shut up valve?

Can't even cut the power to it, when it's what allowed

Me to come up out from under the fucking ground

Cuz I worked my butt off now

Which is a subject I don't know how to shut up about

Cuz I stuck it out

Like a muthafucking tongue to tie, I responded when I got shoved around

Ya could have had down believers

But when you're beyond belief, ya probably shouldn't wonder how

Get it how ya live, but are ya prepared to give mo' than ya get?

And put in twice what ya get back from this shit

Tho' what ya sacrifice barely is half, neva give

Rap is my shift

But it's like my shield at the same time I wield, I'ma knife this will

Sumetimes I feel just like B. Real from Cypress Hill

How I can just kill a cipher, survivor's guilt

I rhyme like life is still an uphill climb

Ready to face it, each challenge waiting

Taste it, it's salivation, I'm waging retaliation

Look what I have built, reputation is delegation

The only thing I'm capable of making is amazin'

Only thing you're capable of making is a false statement

An accusation, I am legendary status, in fact

That is the only way you'll eva be able to say

Yo legend is making an allegation

I write wit the left, same hand I hold the mic wit

As I fight to the death, till my last breath

Managed to prove who the best man is

Survey it, all cards be the only ones left standin'

In the end, but I ain't gonna be the only one wit the advantage

Of knowin' what it's like to be southpaw

Cuz ya can bet yo ass you'll be left handed


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