EMINEM - OhNo lyrics

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Oh no what’s happening to my brain

I can’t believe this is happening again

[Verse 1]

Lava out my lips I flips

Wake up think I have a cramp

I’m trying to shove the lava lamp up my father’s ass

I think I’m out of gas, man

I think I need another mask

I’d ask my mother but I think she’s laughing at the plants

A half a gram of graham crackers and some Van de Kamp’s

I think I’ll eat some Ambiens like they’re candied yams

Cut a couple cadavers up and have a little snack

Abraf-ckingcadabra motherf-cker look who’s back

Just like a pendulum, Satan’s pentagram swings

I accidentally dented it and bent the damn thing

Shit I think I might have did it when I was dancing

While I was chopping one of my legs off and pulled a hamstring

First I Re-up, then I Relapse

Go to rehab then I Detox after I see Doc

And I’ll be back with the sequel, repeat the cycle

Cause I react like the She-Hulk when I see Nyquil


Oh no

Here we go again

When it’s going to end

Where did it begin

Maybe way back when

[Verse 2]

Into the well, baby Jessica fell

She may have wetted herself

Quit playing, get her some help

Mary Kay Letourneau sending me letters from jail

Every day in journals saying how

She wanted to smother me in lettuce and mayo

I’m the medicine man

My medical marijuana was prescribed by a doctor

Shove a typewriter up her

Perez Hilton’s ass, shit, almost forgot that

He’s always shoving something up his ass so why not that?

And f-ck it while I’m venting let’s shove a vending machine

Up his rear end when he’s bending over pretending that he

Didn’t say anything that would be offending to me

Stick his head in a blender, begin blending in G

Where should I put the pink sissy with the fluffy hair?

Put him under the stairs? People are already under there

Hmm, I wonder where. Wait, I think the cubpoard’s bare

Stuff him up in the tupperware and shove him up in there


[Verse 3]

Vicodin’s like a nitrogen hydrogen vitamin

I bite into five and then I get high as a kite again

I like it when I get in my zone on the mic again

Who am I kidding? I couldn’t quit this shit if my life depends

I relapsed twice after I came outta Brighton then

Yeah, rehab’s nice, I had my name up in lights again

You see that’s why I can’t decipher what life I’m in

I might pull a knife on your wife and slice her and dice her then

It sounds so enticing, i

nice when I’m hype again

I’m nice when I’m like this, no time to write just type it in

If I could get my pen to slow down, what’d I write just then?

Man I’m about to hyperventilte, I just have hyper-tension

I have the type of mental stat you couldn’t comprehend

Unusually stupid of you for you to think I’m your friend

I usually do what I do and suffer no consequence

I offer no mercy, the controvrsy is once again


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