EMINEM - Invasion (The Realest) lyrics

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"So let's get down to business

I don't got no time to play around, what is this?"

[scratching] What is this? what is this?


The Invasion! (Invasion yeah)

Green Lantern! the infiltration, we comin'! (yeah)

[Bridge: Eminem]

I got 50 Cent, I got G-Unit

D-Tweezy in this bitch, wit Obie Trice!

So watch what you say, 'fore you call our name

Cause you say one more thing and it won't be nice!

[Verse: Eminem]

Whoa, here we go, I shoulda' known

I was bound to get pulled into some bullshit

Sooner or later you little haters

Are too jealous of us to love us

You hate it G-Unit made it and Obie's coming

D-Tweezy's coming you're sick to your stomach

50 percent of it's 50 cent

The other 50 percent of it's who's color of skin it is

But if you even considerin' taking our label down

You better find our building and fly a fucking plane into it

But I ain't trying to get too intricate into it

I'm just trying to you give you a little hint for your own benefit

Cause then it's gonna get to the point

Where it escalates into some other shit

Then I'm a flip, then I'm a get to

"Stomping in my Air Force Ones"

But you won't be able to tell

If it's two pairs or it's one

It's just gonna feel like so many feet kicking you

You'd think Nike just made these into cleat tennis shoe

I don't know what it is or what it could be

But I get a woody when these pussies try to push me

Thinking they gonna put me in a position to pickle me

Y'all tickle me pink

I think I'd just rather have Pink tickle me

Hickory dickory dock, tickety tock tickety

A little bit of the diggedy doc diggedy

Mixed with a little bit of the jigga da jigga

Wit a small pinch of Biggie

Look at me, I'm just the bomb diggady

[Chorus: Eminem]

We the realest label

Don't try to act like you don't feel our label

Cause we gon' fuck around and kill your label

Obie, D-Tweezy, G-Unit, 50, Shady records

We the label fa' sho!

We the realest label

Don't try to act like you don't feel our label

Cause we gon' fuck around and steal your paper

Obie, D-Tweezy, G-Unit, 50, Shady records

We gon' kill your label fa' sho!


Shady in the place to be see

And I got what it takes to +Roc The Mic+ right!

Still watch what you say to me punk

Cause I'm off probation in less than six months [gun cocked]


Haha, Shady Records

Still Aftermath, and don't think we don't

Hear you motherfuckers talkin'!

Cause we do and we see y'all

We just gon' sit back for a minute

While I see what the FUCK y'all do

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