EMINEM - Greatest of all time lyrics

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I’ma go if it ..but i know what i know what you’re thinking

.. the greatest of all time

And i consider myself one of those

Thank you very much here it goes

This is the part i was worried about

Everyone said my career was down they ..

and everyone’s telling me what i should do it ..what it’s rap about

and i know i gotta lot of .. look out that i get out

i’m not sure how this is gonna come on ...

the story got me giving a fuck what you really think about me

and you don’t really know a thing about me

everyone’s is making a think about me

..some kind of .. the king of ..and surround with other gangstas

This killer ..this criminal ..is feel like i’m about to ..

and i do my own mother fucker neighbor

the best all i need but that’s why it seem like ..this better than Jc


..and consider me one of the greatest my rappers a ..

No one got ..the best ..

I’ma go if it ..but i know what i know what you’re thinking

..consider me years ago ...

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Monday 19th of March 2012 20:41
Now why don't you express your lgifenes without swearing? Little kids come on to this site, and you should work things out with her, like I did with my friend Maggie for example. (Sorry for using your name, babe!)