EMINEM - Got It Twisted Freestyle lyrics

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I done figured this rap shit out, I map shit out, strategically... timing is everything and it seems to be the key, to my success I'v... (slurs words and everyone laughs), timing is everything and it seems to be the key, let em diss you 1st and respond immediately, in order master the art of war, don't start a war, shit- not no more, we done scared em off there are no more, victims to sic, I'm fixin' to pick some and start shit, ain't got no picture to rip or shits to throw dart at, ain't got no more targets-shit Irv and Jeff, we done beat em to death, Benzino in debt, it seems to just be no one left to bully, Bush is pussy, why the fuck you think his name's Bush? puss is bushy, ain't shit going on - shit I been gettin' so bord lately I'm thinkin' uh doing some shit to get you to go and hate me again, to tell the truth I like the better then, cause I can spit, I bouta kick that s-shit again... look... the game just ain't the same, it's changin'... shit Dre's quittin', Jay quittin', now it's just wanksta sayin the same shit, it's fake and it ancient, it's makin' me, so bord I'm a jus make a new language, fubba you cubba cubba, ubbu you ubbu oba, yubba c-could su-subba my di-di-dick thru a tubba, suma newma lama, I'm not a human, I'm a suicidal, super sonic, suicidal uni-bomber, you think I'm the new Osama? jeffrey Domer left me with his legacy to carry on uh, lotta talk and rumors on us, who's the hottest? to be honest, hip-hop ain't been the same since Tupac moved to Cuba on us

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