EMINEM - Flyest Material lyrics

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Packing the 3rd eye rush you it's cyclopse

They trade in their high tops for night sized Withe rocks

Words in my right, they pass my left ear

It's solid decked out write the books for next year

Bear this grenade you got stuck like virgins

Who that cat splurgin' instead or rehearsin?

Tough guy, Dj Travi your high rise

Looking more like Ronald then the fuckin' fry guys

Go on uptown fucking senoritas

In Taco Bell screaming "vivas gorditas! "

Bring all your dogs I give 'em rabies

They never had a chance I might chew up all their babies (Whaaah?)

Pope John Paul the second, brain like Satan

Have your beaten girlfriend cooking up bacon

I'm obituite with that shit that you hit

Slow my flick with ya cause mine to pick with her

My nine is limpin ya six deep when I spray rounds

Hit you with 12 shots in mid air and four more on the way down

The eight straight strays to a kid's hair on the playground

You lay down on a stretcher: "Don't get carried away now! "

No pun intended, snapped out of your whip

And leave it un-attended before I whip out this gun and hit it

Unless you want it dented with bullet holes any minute

Cause I can leave your Infinite full of those even if someone's in it

Snap the airbag,

Hit the corner and park it

You wanted a market,

I got her tied up in a chair and gag

Bitches get smacked and grabbed by the hair and dragged

Like cave-women, while I'm grave diggin' with Marilyn Mans

Dollar signs flashin' I'm a take the last hit

I'm a snatch it outta your hand so fast I'm gonna detach it

Dollar signs flashin', I'm a take the last hit

Threw my baby's mother in a nap sack and latched it

Yo, "Eon's whack now", how you dig that?

Couldn't get on my record if you were street rap

Get the greater rate with these rhymes I be totin'

Let's go back online and jerk off on your modem

I got stupid mucus from these loose lips

My loose leaf leave your whole persona weak

To the point when you stand up on your feet best retreat

Let's go back in time and steal my whole seed

The quickening, did a? briss? at the crispening

I'm exercisin', to uplifting the foot stage

This thing's the nicest, I keep telling you

What the fuck this guy on the corner been selling U? (Here buy this!)

I'm e-mailing you, at the wrong website

Mispelling you, break you and put the fear of hell in you

Escape above you, stuff the nurse in a purse

Disperse like I added too many words in a verse

SLiM Shady, a perverted version of birth

Driving off, leaving the murdered virgin of church

The first person searching the Earth for the motherfucker

That pulled the plug when they shoulda alerted the surgeon first

You don't curse and hit with your own words

LEAVE ME alone bitch! I get on my own nerves

And if I don't got two balls and a middle finger to throw up

Then I'm takin' off both shoes & stickin' each middle toe up. (fuck y'all!)

Dollar signs flashin' I'm a take the last hit.

I'm a snatch it outta your hand so fast I'm gonna detach it

Dollar signs flashin' I'm a take the last hit

Threw my baby's mother in a hatch-back and latched it

Any disease out there I'm willing to catch it...

SLiM Shady...

All praises to the High & Mighty

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