EMINEM - Eminem Freestyle lyrics

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Artist: tony touch f/ eminem


If I'm elected for ten terms

I'm renewing the staff after the inagural

And hiring all girls as interns

If I don't like youI'll snatch you outta your mic booth

While you're rappin and pull your right through the window and fight you

I'll take you straight to the pavement

Uppercut youand scrape your face wit a bracelet

Like a razor that shaved it

Three drinks and I'm ready to flash

Runnin on stage in a g-stringwit a bee sting on my ass (look!)

It's probably all cuz I ain't awkward at all

I just like to walk through the mallstopand talk to the wall

And have a relapse after I just fought through withdrawl

(hop in the car little girlI just bought you a doll)

The bad and evil movement is comin

Plus the music is pumpin like a pill freak wit a tube in his stomach

I write a rhyme a day

So it's no wonder how come your whole album

Is soundin like a bunch of shit that I would say

Whether it's one verse or one letter

I'll probably be the cleverest one that never gets spun ever

It's slim shady and tony touchit's only us

The rest of y'all are just stuck in the middle wit monie love

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