EMINEM - Eminem Exclusive Freestyle lyrics

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Yo! Turn that click off

My music is soothing

But its also been provin

That it can put you in the mood to

jump out your car while it's movin

You been waitin' on this moment

My sermon is like a omen

I'm servin' I'm Erick Sermon

I saw the window was open

And I jumped through it

My shit if you don't get pumped to it

I quit, here's my rhyme book

Go ahead and thumb through it

And pick what you want from it

Rummage,and find something

you can use to jump someone

And roll up bumpin

I'm constantly copin' over you

Squattin', shit has gotten to the point

Where I ain't even writin' no more, I'm just jottin'

This is chicken scratch, shit is sickenin'

I've been kickin' ass off bullshit

Throwaway rhymes, pick a batch

I live for the love of rap, you crazy

Ive made beats for Jay-Z for free

Page me, you need a beat, you Cannabis

Then it's Dre's fee, you Kay Slay the fees waved

I stay beefin' with JD, till the day Dre 2-ways me

That it's okay to stop blazin' him

Oops! I put it out, I apologize now

It's too late G, it's on tape

And the tape leaped, "Say What You Say" mothafucka

Drama King, Kay Slay, mothafucka, We dictate these mixtapes mothafucka

Xzibit blaze little gay midget cocksucka

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