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(em) - Hailie baby, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

(Hailie) - i don't know, but i don't wanna be like Ja Rules dirty ass kids!

ha ha ha

[Em & Hailie]

[E] AH-HA! Yeah! C'mon!

G-g-g-g G-Unit! Hailie

[H] What?

[E] Come here baby, bring daddy his Oscar

[H] Okay

[E] We're gonna shove it up Ja Rule's ass!

[H - laughs]

[Vesre 1]


I'm about to get rid of some hoes, it's simple

I'm quick to murder ink with lead and talkin' bout a pencil

Lookit what the fuck you done got into

I see you found yo niche, you just a bitch wit a menstrol

Claimin' you a murderer and you spelled it wrong

You put 'e' before the 'd' cuz that's all you on

You on Pac's dick, you a regular guy

If Pac was still alive you would never get by

All you do is cry, bitch keep it real

Life is more than imitating niggaz and eatin' pills

And kind of muthafucka ruins three deals

That another nigga got you, they didn't see skills

And I ain't playin', you a brother gettin' cheated

And Ja Rule be prayin' on his cover cuz he need it

And all you niggaz hatin', shut you mouths

It's just that real niggaz ain't buyin' that shit y'all put out

[Obie Trice]

Do-ra-mi, but we don't sing muhfuckas

So Murder Inc. do ya thing muhfuckas

You've unleashed on a team who expects nothin' less

Than R&B comin' from that regime

Regime It's a little extreme

Neck and necks with soldiers, muhfuckin' Marines

Ja sold his soul to sing

We've eye-witness team on the tv screen, chase the greed

Now that you've embraced the green

Don't fuck with the triple beams

You's a muthafuckin actor slash Pac impersonatin' rapper

Slash Billie Holliday how it happen?

Artist for Repetuar saw him in action

Pac assassination Def Jam grabbed him

Told him reinact him, you go platinum

They seen it for sure, I know that Afina Shakur

Don't enjoy Jeffery Atkins reinactin' her boy

So I'm click-clackin' this toy

Bash and destroy, Shady

Aftermath and Detroit muthafuckas



Do-ra-me, fa-so-la-ti-da

Don't blame me cuz you lost your boss's spot


Ja quit playin' knock it off you're not 2Pac

Don't make me, too hot and you're not

Shootin' at me, with the only shot you got

Ja quit playin' knock it off you're not 2Pac

You'll get popped poppin' all that shit you pop

[Verse 2]


Now we can get past the mean mugs and get to the slugs

To the greivance and the cryin' and the intimate hugs

We don't take you serious nigga you shook you half of a half-way crook, get off X dick, go sing a hook nigga

And you can't replace the late greal one

And when you gone you only gon' be the late fake one

Nigga please, stick to the script

before the guns stick to the clip, and Benzino you ain't shit but a bitch

Fuckin' old ass ignorant innocent lookin' senior citizen

Built up, slap you like Grimace, all sensitive

Wait a minute, hold on

Is it me or do he look like a banana with braids and clothes on?

A bitch made man, now how you gonna connect with them short ass arms like a tyrannasaurus rex?

You niggaz can scream holler and curse

Go ahead and respond and pull that pen and pad up outta ya purse


Slim did it simple to get at the wankstas

He told me to let loose and spit at the gangstas

What up Gotti and this little war you pushed on

But you ?? the ?? for sucking your ??

What's wrong? Didn't think we strong with real niggaz?

Roll like a boss in the streets they still feel us

It's real business you ain't caught the concept

You talkin' nonsense to walk and find press

Contact was blown by Munsetta in The Source

Threaten at the boss you gon' see me on ya porch

Now Irv got the nerve to try to serve on us

But Detroit niggaz ?? and ain't scurred to bust

[Kon Artis]

Word to my nigga Bugs, punks like you get beat up

Stomped unconcious and smacked with the heater

This rap cookie monster gets jabbed in the tonsils with dicks so much that he should be fixed with a vagina

Who's behind ya? Cadillic Pac or that transvestite who dress like a Lil Kim fox, her chest like a little windbox

press tight on the trigger of this glock

Swallow that little shit you got left to help you eat

You knock Pac's songs without love to help you sleep

You got shot in your video tryin mock Pac

You 'Mockaveli', get your own identity


[Eminem overdubs chorus]


Don't you never say my little girl's name in a song again!

Fuckin' punk pussy little bitch!

I'll fuck you up boy!

Never! Never in your muthafuckin life!

I'll choke the shit outchu little muthafuckin bitch!

Hailie can whip your muthafuckin ass!

[Obie Trice speaking]

That's right muthafuckas

Shay records, whatchu know about it?

Fuck Benzino, fuck Ja Rule

Nigga, this Obie Triceright here talkin to you muthafuckas

Ja Rule punk ass... Yea!

Fuckin Soul For Real ass...

Nigga that's Soul For Real,

That the nigga from Soul For Real!

Candy Rain ass nigga...

He got a deal now he rappin'

You'ont know what's... faggot ass muhfuckas

Get money to all my real niggas, man

Obie Trice, D12, G Unit, 50 Cent...

Hailie Jade!!!

[50 Cent (laughing)]


Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me?


No honey, you guys are the same size...

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