EMINEM - Change It All Back lyrics

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Yo yo, this Switch-Bâ#128#¦ aka Flipâ#128#¦ representin

the TUTâ#128#¦ n this here our love songâ#128#¦ check it outâ#128#¦



If I could start from scratch, I'd change most of it,

If u gave me your trust, I wouldn't of broken it,

I shoulda helped you out, back in 97',

Shit I wouldn't of let u go I woulda made your life heaven

I woulda hushed my mouth, gave my shit up,

I woulda minded my own business, n not let things get fucked,

Up, I woulda gone to church, maybe become a saint,

Erased this so-called picture we paint,

I woulda bin a soldier, no matter what shit

I woulda bin perfect, the man u want-ed

I never woulda slacked, now this is a fact

I never woulda rhymed, ova this track

If u didn't want it, I never woulda rapped,

But this is my life n we can't change that

I woulda bin there, I never woulda tried

I would never want to live, I never woulda lied

I woulda changed it all back, to the past you see,

I never woulda let you put your fingers on me

I woulda let you be, keep my hands off the gun,

I never woulda changed, never try for number 1

I would never of intervened, just you n your son,

N now I'm revelating, putting it all into a song

I would never of invited you to any show I did,

I wouldn't of wanted you to show, even though you did

I would never shed a tear for a girl I can't stand,

I never woulda back-talked, never raised a hand

I would never want you to think, that this shit was planned,

I woulda let you go, but I didn't think you'd understand

That we could never be together, I could never be your man,

But if I could turn back time I wouldn't put you through this again

I never woulda thought, that we could be buddies,

I never woulda asked for any pennies of your money

But its just the way you were, you were so cunning,

That's why I couldn't be your man, n you couldn't be my honey

Now I gotta start from scratch, change my whole past,

I'd change it all, make sure I never asked,

You out on a date 'cause if I knew it would never last

I woulda forgotten all about you n erased you from the cast

I don't make shit up, I speak truth if I'm rapping

But if I could go back in time, 'us' never woulda happened

(Chorus) x2

baby im sorry

it all ended in a hurry

I didn't wanna cause no worries

but now i gotta leave..


Yo yo ayo

I'm fed up wid bein rejected

Detected, by your radar

You heard me and you ejected the tape

No theres no escape

I can't believe there's no-one here to see my true

self, all they remember of me is rape

I try, I fail, I sigh I lie in my bedroom waitin for

another world, I sleep, I die

In a dream waitin for you to come and sweep me away

It'll never come, its like I'm dreamin on hennesay.

I'm waitin for the girl that likes me for who I am

And looks past the shit in my life full barrier like a dam

This ain't no piss take

Words be spillin like a lake

And I wouldn't give to shits if u diss this like I'm a fake

I'm waitin for my eyes to awake, 'cause I've just excepted this reality

And there is a reason why a lot of people are still mad at me

From year 5, year, 6 it ended at year 7

My trouble years, this is true like the destruction of 9/11

I went down the wrong path girl but I promise

If u take me in now, I wont make a mistake

Or be a misogynist.

(Chorus) x2

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