EMINEM - Biterphobia Lyrics lyrics

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[DJ scratching] - "Do it!"


Skippin in through the back door, fruity MC's get ambushed

Rammed and squooshed, slammed and pushed, crammed and mushed

Then I'm movin on down from the right to left

So bite the meth or prepare to fight to death

To get jacked, attacked and cracked in two

Smackin through 'til youre black and blue for actin true

I'm dreaded like a man whose hair is all strands

Proof that I be sniffin on aerosol cans

I'm stompin, I'm kickin, and I'm chokin, and I'm stampin em

I'm coughin, I'm stickin, and I'm pokin and I'm clampin em

To electric chairs and tightenin bolts

Hit em with frightening jolts of lightning bolts

I'm zappin, rappers, singers, and dancers

Faster than you could smack the figures for ransom

Cancer is in the flesh, alive and breathin

Survivin by connivin and theivin

[DJ scratching] - "Do it!", "Eat em up"


I had a dream I was gettin jacked by biters

It felt like I was bein attacked by spiders

Developin a fear of biterphobia

I'm holdin a gas can and lighter over ya

If I detect ya, I'ma pulverize

Dissect your brain, diggin in your skull for lies

And I'ma torture, with material iller

than a stark ravin mad serial killer

I'm more dangerous than a loader chamber is

A major risk to a plagiarist

So beware of the aura, A terror for the horrible

Will scare ya tomorrow, is the airbourne assault of the rappers

Hit the source to better my skills,

I head for the border

And run the Galloping Hills, the choice is yours

Cause now buddy's noises force me to scream til my voice is hoarse

Cause I'm sick of these amateurs who rap like ravageurs and sabateurs that bite like labradors

In the range of my double-barrel

And your life is in danger, trouble, and peril

[DJ scratching]


I trample and stamp liars, like they were campfires

Cause vampires bite on my balls and clamp pliers

And swing on my big thingamajig

So I'm bringin my nig Proof for backup when I sing at my gig

Cause biters are fallin head over heels

In love with every rhyme that I've said over reels

That's how I became paranoid

Chewin my fingernails, pullin my hair annoyed

Cause every time you bit it was deliberate

So I'm forced to hit a little quicker with

an ultimatum I assault and slayed em

with rhymes and it's ultimatum just to cultivate em

Energetic and imaginative,

pronouns and verbs, predicates and adjectives

Will reach out and grab ya, 9 times outta 10

That's why I'm spilling my mother f(cut) rhymes out a pen

[DJ scratching] - "Everybody walk out the back door"

[DJ scratching to fade]

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