EMINEM - Bet Awards 2009 Cypher lyrics

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Like a dope fiend,opening up a bottle of Dopamine,

he goes to get the rope to your throat he can choke anything.

Oh and just think, how dope he could be if he smoked anything,

oh there goes the bell, the sound of the opening ding.

I hit you as hard as Bob Fitzsimmons in the ribs with a switch,

and stitch you at the same time before you can flinch to it.

My dick is so big if I add another inch to it,

You would swear when I rape you that you were actually into it.

I'm not a baller but you can bet your fuckin bottom dollar,

that I remember when I was without a dollar bill in my wallet.

Now watch me kill a koala, while I maul a chihuahua,

bum a pill off of Paula like let me holla at you mama.

It's like I'm off the ba-ba when I bring the fuckin drama,

I used to bomb ya like Saddam but now that I'm a little calmer.

I'm a fuckin cross between Osama, Dahmer, Obama, and Dalai Lama,

told Miley I’m a knight in shining armor.

Mail a gift to Taylor Swift's trailer, a picture of my genitalia,

with a note sayin bitch I can’t wait to nail ya.

Drug paraphernalia, beware the werewolf will kill ya,

that's him in his sheep's clothes he just shaved his hair off Cecilia.

Thanks to d0pey for correcting these lyrics

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