EMINEM - Balling Unkontrollably lyrics

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Yeah, we gots money, baby

I'm talking about, talking about that long money

When you see us come through, you just know

Balling uncontrollably

Man, I got everything candy-painted, candy-painted tint, it's so dark

I'd be lying if I said I ain't hit at least nine of my friends

Plus, I got so much candy paint in my rims

Paint be flying off my car, be candy painting the neighborhood kids

I got that whole block looking like it's Candyland

Ask about me, man, they be like, there go the candy man

I park the car in the garage and go in and

Come back the next morning, the rims are still spinning

Hit the doors on that Phantom, man, that shit looks like the Batmobile

Thirty-two inch rims, shit, I ain't even got no wheels

Custom-fitted, custom-kitted wood grain

Custom everything, what's that on the seat? Custom mustard stain

Now let's go hit the mall, y'all know that we finna ball

Get out the car, they be like, ah, there go them superstars

Hit every single store, flash a fucking wad of cash

But I ain't buying shit, bitch, kiss my candy-painted ass, we

Balling uncontrollably

Hit the corner liquor store to get Corona, tip the owners

Sipped it on the way out as I dipped, I wanna rip the road up

And I'mma hit the cinema and I'mma get the hoes

When I be at a theater, shit, anything goes

I'm balling outta control, girls know I'm loaded with dough

But shit, I'm stingy as fuck, I'm fucking stingy ass hoes

These bitches don't get a crumb, and it come but I'm like what up

Shut up, bitch, sit up, get up off them knees, my candy paint's enough

If you're lucky, I'll let you hug me, but that's all you get

Then I'mma split, disappear, a cloud of smoke is all you see

Balling uncontrollably

Bitch, get the fuck out my car if we ain't finna fuck

I'm horny as fuck, bitch, are you sucking my dick or what?

I'll fuck a chick in the butt, I really don't give a shit

Is pretty Marshall gonna have to go choke me a bitch?

You fucking keyed up my Benz, bitch, I beat up my friends

Don't think I won't beat a bitch, I'll kick a six-year-old in the ribs

You fucking retard, I'll have you sucking farts out my seat

I'll teach you not to know how to control your bowels when you eat

What the fuck do you think that colostomy bag is for, looks?

I ain't waste nine bullets on you for you to not sing no hooks

I fucking take a Make a Wish Foundation patient with me

How 'bout some coke inside of your saline solution IV?

Turn around and use it on me, you tryna snort all my keys?

You fucking get in back, you're coming to Florida with me

Tell your momma I'mma drop you off at the hospital later

We finna make this run, take this gun and cover me, Slater, and quit your

Balling uncontrollably

Tracy, I joined this class ‘cause I thought I’d be cooking with a partner

But she’s never here and I don’t get twice the credit for all the work

I didn't invent odd numbers, Seth

I know, but I’m over here in my unit, every day, cooking my terrible tasting food, and then I gotta look over at Evan

I mean look at him, it looks like the most fun I’ve ever seen in my entire life

And, I’m just saying, I wash and dry, I’m like a single mother

And no offense but everyone takes this class to get an A and it’s bullshit, but uh, no offense, I’m just saying

And I’m not putting down your profession, but when am I gonna need to cook tiramisu?

Am I gonna be a chef? No. There’s three weeks left in school, give me a freaking break, sorry for cursing.

Oh my god, that’s like the coolest fucking story I’ve ever heard in my life, it’s insane

Can you tell us again? Do you have time? Tracy, Tracy, can you hear me?

I’m in the car right now. Listen, I am McLovin, yeah. McLovin in the house! McLovin in the house! Yeah

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