The new line-up sees founder members Justine Frischmann (vocals/guitar) and Justin Welch (drums) rejoined by original bass player, Annie Holland. Annie was a key member of the original line-up in terms of both live and recorded work. She left in the summer of 1995. Keyboard player Dave Bush remains in the band. He originally joined in the summer of 1996 and played with the group during their last live shows at V96 in Chelmsford and Leeds. Completing the line-up are guitarist Paul Jones, currently recording a new LP with Linoleum, and an additional keyboard player and vocalist, Mew.

Justine first saw Paul Jones playing guitar with London-based band Linoleum. Some time later they met at a party and chatted about Pavement and The Fall and various other shared musical tastes. Paul headed off to continue playing with Linoleum and then, out of the blue, he got a call from Justine inviting him down to the Elastica rehearsal room to play. He was then asked to contribute to the new recordings and will be playing with Elastica at their festival shows this year. Paul first saw Elastica live at the Garage in London in '96 and then again at Chelmsford. He remains a member of Linoleum and is currently in the studio recording material with producer Dave Allan for release later this year.

Mew is the synth player and backing vocalist in the band Heave. She met Justine through mutual friends and both found they shared the same musical tastes. Mew will be appearing with Elastica live and has also played on some of the new recordings. Meanwhile, Heave have a new single released in June titled 'Charlie Brown' and will announce their own live dates soon.