Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder - Better Days lyrics

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I feel part of the universe open up to meet me

My emotion so submerged broken down to kneel in

Once listening the voices they came

Had to somehow greet myself read myself

Heard vibrations within my cells in my cells

Singing "Ah-la-ah-ah ah-la-ah-ah"

My love is safe for the universe

See me now I'm bursting

On one planet so many turns

Different worlds

Singing "Ah-la-ah-ah ah-ah-ah-ah ah"

(Spanish guitar solo)

Fill my heart with discipline

Put there for the teaching

In my head see clouds of stairs

Help me as I'm reaching

The future's paved with better days

Not running from something

I'm running towards the day

Wide awake

A whisper once quiet

Now rising to a scream

Right in me

I'm falling free falling

Words calling me

Up off my knees

I'm soaring and darling

You'll be the one that I can need

Still be free

Our future's paved with better days

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