E-type - We Gotta Go lyrics

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We gotta go

We've got nothing to lose now

Time has come for us to get out

We gotta go

If we're going down, well

Let's go down in flames

Gotta go now

Gimme something,

I can't stand waiting

Don't wanna live you life in a rut, so get in

Coming on strong like a force of nature

Why can't you let it go away....

I'm ready to launch

I've got my fingers on the trigger

You can't keep me down

Cause i'm only getting bigger

I'm ready to go now

I'm ready to leave now

I'm ready to go away.

Don't point your finger,

you can't take away my pride

Cause I'm the wave

that will turn the tide

I'm the scream you will hear

I'm the one you will fear

You can only watch me go away

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