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E-Town Concrete - So Many Nights lyrics

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so many nights i pray that this would just...stop...

i woke out of my sleep from the sound..of a pop lock

my heart would drop to the ground

maybey the fact my pops wasnt around force you to found

these guys that would just knock you down or beat you around

(i dont know) my inner sense was lost back then, not to be found

and in a sense its like this world was just weighing me down

leaning its weight hard on my shoulder

making my heart less warm and much more coulder

chip off my tooth and a chip on my shoulders

i told yall that i dont play..i seen that drama every god damn day

so go ahead yep yab away...cause now you got alot to say


cast your judgements, cast all your stones, holdin my hand, holdin on to everything i have

because its slippin away soo fast and its all i have...

i was like six then we aint have a pot to piss in

while most kids lives consist of shine and glisin

my was lined with mischeif..a boy flippin

devoid the times you find joy or reminisin

its like time was pissin, years was passin..i was inside

while kids was out side laughin..no time for games

they fake toy planes was crashin,while me my life was crashin

at night fist fights left my moms face smashed in

her mans blastin..threw her down a flight of stairs

alone and scared,i stared in eyes of men who didnt care

my father was never there,now im am prepared for this lifetime

thats unfair,just like my fight from the bottom to the top,

just like i had to fight for all that i got, it hurts but i still wont stop

until my casket drops.


so many nights i pray that this would just stop

just stop..just stop

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