E-Town Concrete

Anthony Martini - Vocals DeLux - Guitar Eric DeNault - Bass Theo - Drums

From the inner city streets of Elizabeth, NJ, emerges E-town Concrete, a truly powerful four-piece sculpted by their urban environment. Their music is rock n’ roll for the next millennium, combining the dark, aggressive metal that dominated the late eighties with the street wise hip-hop that is the very definition of our present-day pop-culture. However, this is not your ordinary rock/rap hybrid by any means. They are not a political rap-core band, they are not “stoner” or “party” music, they are not bandwagon jumping copycats with whiny rap vocals, and they don’t employ the all too trendy DJ.

E-town Concrete is a new species more intense than their predecessors. They are a moody, multi-faceted, beast capable of assaulting the listener with violent guitar riffs, lulling them into a false sense of security with a melodic jazz motif or inducing head nods with the type of authentic New York style hip-hop that separates them from the pack. No, you have never heard anything like this before. This is a group that will redefine music forever.

E-town formed in late 1995 as a side project of another band for which, Anthony played guitar and Theo was on bass. Now, Anthony was experimenting on vocals and Theo found himself comfortably behind the drums. DeLux, a childhood friend of the trio, was recruited to play guitar, while Eric was the final addition on bass. E-town Concrete was now complete.

E-town Concrete’s debut LP “Time 2 Shine” was recorded live in only 10 hours and combines older material from the bands demo years - songs like “End of the Rainbow” and “Cycles” - with newer songs like “Nothanx”. The album merges raw talent with pure, honest emotion - elements that seem to be lacking in much of today’s music. “I think the reason why we’ve gained so much popularity so quickly, is because our message is real,” explains Anthony. “Nowadays kids are more screwed up than ever, so when I sing about my experiences and things that I’ve been through, they can relate.” Whether it’s the story of a friend who was shot and killed in “4 the Fame” or the cutthroat approach to success in the short but powerful “One Life to Live”, E-town Concrete’s music addresses the issues that face (or fascinate) young people now.

“Time 2 Shine” - on Resurrection AD Records - has gained E-town some well-deserved notoriety throughout the underground circuit. E-town Concrete sales have dominated many “alternative” record stores like Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ and Rock of Ages in Detroit, MI, surpassing those of many major label acts such as Pearl Jam and Metallica. Part of this success can be attributed to Time 2 Shine's exposure on college radio. On Seton Hall’s WSOU Pirate Radio - which is, arguably the most popular college station in America - E-town Concrete has achieved “star” status. Since their debut on the station in March, the requests have poured in. In fact, E-town has been the second most requested band in WSOU’s catalog, beating out even bands such as Korn, Deftones, and Sepulatura to name a few. They have also earned themselves some spins on commercial powerhouses like 92.3 K-Rock in New York City (the home of Howard Stern) and Energy 90.0 FM in Erie Pennsylvania. CMJ charted E-town Concrete among the top five loud rock adds in 1998.

In just three short years, E-town Concrete has risen from being rookies playing on borrowed equipment in Theo’s basement, to becoming one of the most popular acts in the Northeast ... and the buzz continues to grow louder.

Presently, E-town Concrete is seeking to take their success to the next level. They currently have enough material for another album. “Our new material is much more mature then anything we’ve ever done,” says Anthony. “Overall, it’s very emotional. The music is more thought out and the lyrics are even more personal.” He adds, “E-town Concrete is going to become one of the most legendary bands in history, right beside Led Zeppelin and the Beatles ... believe me.”

It’s time to let E-town Concrete make a believer out of you.

Source: http://www.resurrection-ad.com/bands/etownconcrete/bio/index.shtml