E-Town Concrete

E-Town Concrete - First Born lyrics

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am I wrong because I made dumb mistakes?

how could I let them take your breath away?

would your face look just like my face?

now you're gone. erased.

one more sleepless night. intellect vs. emotion.

my heart points in one direction but my mind still chose another.

be strong. be strong for the life that's lost. be strong for the others.

be strong for the life that's lost because here will be no other.

I wonder who you could have been. eraser....erased.

no more sleepless nights. the darkness opens my eyes to the light.

don't waste your time w/ mixed emotions... stick w/ your decision.

I'm strong. I'm strong for the life that's lost. I'm strong for the others.

I'm strong for the life that's lost because there will be no other.

Picture a little seed looking just like me, growing up in straight up

poverty. cope w/o necessities. eventually resenting me for the way

that things turned out to be. hell no, that shouldn't be. ya'll niggas don't

know me, ain't shit that ya'll could show me. word is bond I done been

through it all before. see, throughout my 18 years I have seen things

most of ya'll wouldn't even dream, never mind believe. so don't come

to me withyour speeches on how things could be, because

I've already seen it. believe that.

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