E-rotic - Willy Use A Billy... Boy

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Oh willy willy use a billy

Don't be silly

Oh baby, sex is joy

But use a billy boy

Oh willy use a billy

Skilly willy

A billy for your thrilly toy

Oh use a billy boy


So you want sex sex sex

With your ex

And it won't cost you any tax

But willy you better care for sure

And use a billy

With your long ding dong

Ding a dong

She'll find out you're the number one

So go man go and use your toy

But not without a billy boy

Oh willy

I want a sweet vanilly billy boy


So move your hip hop hips

Kiss her lips

Just let me give you some good tips

It's not enough makin' love to her

You need a billy

When you come oh come

Have your fun

Cos she's so hip, and she's no nun

So willy don't make her feel annoyed

When you forgot your billy boy

Oh willy willy use a billy...

Typed from the lyrics booklet for Dancemania BASS#1

Thanks to Alex D. for these lyrics

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