E-rotic - Wild And Strong

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So close to you when times are getting rough I'm captured by this neverending love It's magic - Tragic Your arms are holding me so gently and sweet Because you know what I need It's so wild and so strong - Together we belong In the cold of the night - I can feel your tongue It's gently moving – Upon my skin So how can love be a sin ? A love so wild and strong Will never lead you wrong It makes your heart beat fast And all your dreams will last Keeps going on and on Just like an endless song A love so wild and strong Oh babe we're on an erotic journey You are the teacher and I'm - Well I'm just learning I can feel you - I know it - We're going much to far It's so catchy it's magic - I wonder where we are I will always be with you - My love is really true Together we'll forever find solutions that are new Believe me baby - We will survive The ups and the downs – Throught out our life

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