E-rotic - Turn Me On

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Turn me on, turn me on. Just do it right, you can't go wrong. On the radio that plays your favourite song You turn me on, turn me on. You should know how, so turn me on. Baby, don't your wait until the night is gone. Just turn me on. You are so cool, don't know what to do Oh, babe, I can come close to you. I want you, but just for good, Can't you see I'm in the mood Won't you touch me now I'm just waiting for a sign Wanna make you feel so hot I wanna find your tender spot You are so sweet, I got admit I wanna know that you will fit So let me seek your horny part I have all that you have got Want you, touch my skin Let me tell you it's no sin You may love my touch or not I wanna find your tender spot Turn me on, oh, baby, turn me on. Please, aahh... aaahhh... ahh..

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