E-rotic - Talk To Your Girl

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Oh, baby, talk to your girl

You can tell her she's in danger

Talk to your girl, but leave her alone

Baby, talk to your girl

I'm your reason to exchange her

Talk to your girl, tell her to go home

Talk to your girl

T-t-talk to your girl

I talk, talk to my girl

My little highness looks a pearl

I tell her she is nice and sweet

She's got everything I need

So wow, wow, wow

Should I ever say goodbye

She's wild and sexy and just love

And best of all, she's mine all night


Talk, talk to my girl

She's got a lovely little pearl

It's deep down in a secret place

She hides it on the secret lace

Wow, wow, wow

Should I be facing danger

She's young and pretty, baby, see

I tell her to make love to me


I've got bad news for that bird

I'm not willing to share my love with her

The best thing she can do

Is move her ass away from you

And keep her hands off your body

Talk to your girl

Talk to your girl


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