E 17

E 17 - Whatever You Need

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Whatever you need baby

Baby you don't ever have to be afraid

Surrender to me for anything that you want

Cause you're my lady and you don't even need to go to work

Cause I got your act in so many ways

We'll spend some time

Relax a while and we won't think of no one else

I'll put you before myself

I'll never find another girl like you

Who can love me like you do

So I can give my love to you

Whatever you need baby (whatever you need baby)

To keep you satisfied

Whatever it takes to keep you smiling

Whatever you need baby

To keep you by my side

Whatever it takes to keep you smiling

You're the kind of lady

Who knows just what she wants

Said you're strong in a sexy kind of way

You don't care about those things

Fancy cars and diamond rings

It's all about the love that I bring

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