E 17

Name: E-17
They are: John, Brian, Terry
Start it on: 2. November 1998
Live in: London
Album: Resurrection
Singles: Each Time, Betcha Can't Wait
Past: East 17
Who needs them: Tony Mortimer

Two years after bad boy Brian Harvey get the boot from East 17, he, John Hendy and Terry Coldwell are back with the new-look R'n'B-flava'd E-17. On 'Ressurection' (their first album), the boys have turned over musical leaf - gone are the upbeat choons, in come soulfull lurve songs in the laid-back stylee of current single 'Each Time'. Cheeky scamps they may be, but 'Ressurection' shows these East End boys have soft side too. ‘We've got a big point to prove’, says John. And they've got the songs to do it. ‘Black American R&B groups’, says Brian, ‘is what we've listened to all our lives. It's what we've always wanted to do, and we're doing it so we're happy now. We've got control.’

So E-17 are now a tough group of three working on a phat but smooth, soulful album that competes with the best R&B from across the Atlantic. ‘We're older now and the musics growing up’, says Brian, ‘but we love music and we want to carry on banging out good tunes’. ‘We want to do it for real this time’ adds Terry, ‘do it properly’. Their debut single as a trio, 'Each Time' was released on November 2nd. Brian says: "It's great to be back." Despite troubles in the past 18 months, the boys have decided to 'Stay Another Day'! "The last 18 months have been a nightmare and it's something I would rather forget," says Brian. "I hope our old fans will like what we have done but also that we can add new ones. "This single has been written by me and the other boys."

'Each Time' is a mix of pop and R&B and is accompanied by a stunning mini movie style video. The video was shot in New York and features car chases, bed scenes with beautiful women and encounters with villains. Brian adds: "I am very pleased with my role as a hard man - I reckon I could give Vinnie Jones a run for his money!"

Source: http://www.msite.sk/e-17/group.htm