E 17

E 17 - Sleeping In My Head

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You've been, you've been sleeping in my head

Tossing and turning in my bed

I've been thinking I really like the thought that

You've been, you've been sleeping in my head

You're all that I've ever wanted

You've been in my head

I'm hooked on you, do anything you want me to

Although you're just a fantasy

I wanna make this dream come true

I know you'll never let me down

Cause in my mind you've always been around

It's only you I see, cause when I close my eyes

You're right in front of me

Girl you look just like a beauty queen

Straight out the pages of a magazine

The way you wear you hair, you make me stare

The very first time that I saw your brown eyes

I just fell in love and I couldn't hide

What I have instore for you, don't let me down

Say you want me to

If I was to take you on a ride

Take a journey into paradise

Would it change the way I feel

Or would it make my love for real

Everytime I close my eyes I get this feeling deep inside

That I don't want to lose , got to face the truth

I only know I need you in my life

I really want you, I got to have you

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