E 17

E 17 - I'm Here For You

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Just when you feel nothing is real anymore

Along comes a sign that changes your mind and you want

To do what is right for once in your life make it work

But the harder it gets you make such a mess and it hurts

When you feel weak and all alone and it seems you can't go on

Just when you think of turning back cause you've got so far to go

If ever you need a friend just someone to hold again

I'm here for you

Just when you hope you've got what it takes to survive

You feel like you need someone else's advice

You wait for the day you constantly pray that it comes

The day when you see your life turn around just for once

I know the times are hard for you

I'll be the friend you can turn to

I will be there when you're feeling scared

Don't be afraid, these arms will keep you safe toight

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