Dynamite Hack

The members of Dynamite Hack have opportunity written all over their hit single, "Boyz ‘N The Hood." A folksy, acoustic remake of the classic N.W.A. song, the single has been received with open arms on local Austin radio. One hit wonder you say? Unlikely. The opportunity lies in the fact that the foursome has an arsenal of power-pop songs under their belt in their major label debut Superfast.

Dynamite Hack impressively switches between songs that have the mellow vibe of " Boyz ‘N The Hood", to rockers, such as "Anyway." Both tunes will have you grooving along in your car after the first listen. The album opener "Switcheroo", a catchy, radio friendly tune, is definitely one of the strongest songs on the album. As shown in "Switcheroo", Dynamite Hack’s strength lies in their ability to mix soft, sparse melodies into hard crunching choruses, and to do it well. Harmonic tinges of Ween thrown into a Toadies sounding scream intertwine perfectly to comprise the vocals on Superfast. A hidden gem at the end of the album is a beautiful piano remake of "Anyway" ("Junior High Mix") sung by singer Mark Morris’ sister Kate.

It is easy to tell why the band placed "Boyz ‘N The Hood" inconspicuously as the 10th track. The group has so much more to offer. With such a diverse range of ear catching songs on Superfast, Dynamite Hack seems destined to beat the one hit wonder worries that are possibly their only barrier to success. It seems that another Austin band has hit the big time, and is on their way to national recognition. Dynamite Hack certainly deserves it.

Source: http://www.slipstreammagazine.com/archive/dhackrev.htm