Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus - We Are Your Enemy

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die rust, and rot away, this last war doesn't have a name

a cancer on this lifeless carcass called the world

not one left in peace, a policy of manditory greed

eats its way across this nation built on lies

post-modern slaves,

we don't give a fuck so long as money made

buy, sell, believe, three words are just what you need

at birth we're hooked for life, soul-less selfish power-fight

last hope fades, chaos starts to... multiply

a paradox of fucking hate, and lies,

is nothing real at all? sell the dream,

competition is a way, of life, are you for sale, or me?

pain for price, commodified we are the last

device, its all the fucking same

world devolved, emotions are they dying gasp

dissolved, its just a rotting faith...

blind we sleepwalk into history

victims of the first world sodom

the fire burns inside, we've left the past for dead,

let's spread the wealth among us and kill the rich instead,

their broken crosses falling, no longer on our knees

our revolution stroming, from sea to bloody sea

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