Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus - Killing On Adrenaline

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the face I'm beating with my fist is pulverized,

and turned to shit so all that's left when he is gone

is skin and blood and pulp and bone

this fucker thought that he could try and fuck with me,

no reason why, so now he got what he deserved

a coffin with his grave reserved

where has all the common sense gone?

can't these fuckers leave the shit alone?

always trying to start some stupid shit

the obituary page is full of it

no death's on my conscience they challenged and they lost

no final resistance, fuck it its not my loss

gonna fuck it up fuckin bring it down

the mother fuckers dead

don't ask me why they had to die

I try to live my fucking life

they are the ones that fucked with me

they paid the price with agony

as the force from anger erupts out from deep inside of me

not a fucking chance to live just you bleeding

cause of death can not be found corpses layed out on the floor

hyper-violent chaos rush all-out fucking total war

your dead, adrenaline rush, unleashed

pain feed, you fucking bleed

I kill once so then I kill twice, revenge,

your death, the final ending, released

I will bring you fucking down

beating on the face of broken trust

all I want is a chance to fuck your life up

you had to turn your back on everything we did

and I won't stop until your dead now I take it back to 93

when the shit went down between you and me

just like a bitch you had yo run away

but revenge finally has paid

now I bring you back for all to see

in case another fucker wants to take a shot at me

and kill the mother fuckers before they try to run

no remorse when I am done

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