Duran Duran

Duran Duran - You Kill Me With Silence lyrics

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You're thin ice, I should be on solid ground

And oh, so quiet vice, I can hear the crackin' sound

But I remain despite ur deadly aim,

To drive another lad insane when u won't speak my name


You kill me with silence that's ur style, girl

You're lettin' me know this deafenin' silence

The only reason that you're in control

It's emotional violence,

I can't breathe now, but I can't let go

You kill me with silence (silence)

(Verse 2)

Truth or lies, things are heating up in here

If I had a knife, u could cut the atmosphere

Somethin' else, I like this bed of nails

That's what I tell myself, couldn't be much worse in hell


(Instrumental break)


You kill me with silence, kill me with silence

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