Duran Duran

Duran Duran - The Universe Alone lyrics

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feat. John Frusciante


It's beautiful, the dying sun

The end of everythin and everyone

So shall we make a clan my friend

As if we have the chance to live it all again


I'll see you in some other lifetime

On the other side of what we'll never know

Together we have walked a fine line

Now we go to face the universe alone


In plain view, the mistakes we've made

But is there anythin you'd really want to change?

To win and lose then win again

To have it all then throw it all away



How beautiful the closin down

The fadin out, it spins and goes around

With darkness and the heart of man

And here we are back where it all began


I'll see you in some other lifetime

The universe alone x 3

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