Duran Duran

Duran Duran - The Promise lyrics

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Whose tears on a gaping voice Whose stretching arms match the hunger of mine These lips will they never join But always draw me closer and further entwined With a promise dealer understand all freedoms fade away To a point of view where many different pathways meet And we're standing on this precipice with nothing much to gain But the deep blue screams of falling dreams with our next move Heaven hide your eyes Heaven's eyes will never dry The shades of a thousand steel Come flashing by my face in the fury of war In desolation and abandoned fields The hungry make their stand when they'll stand for no more Hear the passion in their voices See the heaven in their eyes Their hopes and schemes are waiting dreams of less than paradise And sometimes we make promises we never mean to keep For blackmail is the only deal a promise dealer sees Heaven hide your eyes Heaven's eyes will never dry

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