Duran Duran

Duran Duran - Secret Oktober lyrics

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Wise on a birthday party, in a world -

Full of surprising fireworks and sudden silence. (shh)

Lies on a stranger's bed the new day breaks, like a speeding train

Or an old friend ever expected, but never knocking..

Holding your own in a battered car,

All night parties cocktail bars -

And smile when the butterfly escapes the killing jar

Sure eyes awake before the dancing is over

Wise or naked in Secret Oktober

Freefall on a windy morning shore,

Nothing but a fading track of footsteps,

Could prove that you'd ever been there.

Spoken on a cotton cloud like the sound of gunshot -

Taken by the wind, and lost in distant thunder.

Racing on a shining plane -

Tomorrow you'll be content to watch as the lightning plays -

Along the wires, and you'll wonder...

(chorus) (chorus)

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