Duran Duran

Duran Duran - Hold Back The Rain lyrics

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We're miles away from nowhere And the wind doesn't have a name So call it what you want to call it Still blows down the lane People tell me I haven't changed at all But I don't feel the same And I bet you've had that feeling, too You just can't laugh all the time CHORUS And if the fires burn out, There's only fire to blame No time for worry 'cause we're on the roam again The clouds all scatter and We ride the outside lane Not on your own, so help me, Please hold back the rain So what if the words ain't rhyming Did you think that it's just a game I probably didn't even say that right And I really don't give a damn Okay, go off and wander I'm guilty just the same Sometimes you're needed badly So please come back again CHORUS

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