Duran Duran

Duran Duran - Change The Skyline lyrics

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feat. Jonas Bjerre


This is where it starts

Standin on the roof up here

Sayin goodbye to darkness

Now I can see the big ideas


Cities east of west

You won't miss when I'm gone

The only thing that's left is

The feeling that I'm movin on


Saw you walk the line

Cuz somethin psychic says that way

I'll use the time, cuz so it's fine you left


I can change the skyline

I'll arrange the limbs time

Time to change the skyline

I see far a rising up


And if ride the day

Build some hope but burn my sun

But I'm happy to watch you fade

When I can raise it up again


Up and in my eyes

Maybe it's not impossible

Don't you think it's time

Cuz now it's long enough

(Chrous x 2 )

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