Duran Duran

Duran Duran - Butterfly Girl lyrics

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feat. John Frusciante


By the look on your face

You've been awake all night

It started rainin in the early light

You're foolin the mirror

But you don't fool me

A drift in your own sympathy


It's down fallin apart

Don't stay too long in the dark

I long deep in the dark

Of your devotion

Let go the longer you stop

Let go you have to let go

Together back in control

Of your emotions

(Post Chorus)

You can make it throw tomorrow

Set free your butterfly girl

And when you rise above the sorrow

You be a butterfly girl


Now you're drunk in the dream of your life as dirt

It might last forever and that really hurts

And I still hope you're gonna realize

There's only one kind of happy in the glass of wine

(Chorus x 2) + (Post Chorus x 2)

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