Duran Duran

Duran Duran - Bomb lyrics

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It is too nice to paint your eyes

I took a tear, I don't even want

We don't like, we don't like

the things they say

It takes true life, to you paint your eyes

you don't dare with your imagination

we don't like, we got some

we find you've failed

you don't wait around

you don't realise there's something else

you'd better lock yourself

that I don't think it is all been really there

it's said so the rumour's dead

but I don't say it

that is the world you paint beside

and in a 9 to 5 around town

he's obsessed to make it

you'll understand

here's back to love, you made it out

I've never really, never really bored

he's obsessed to make it

you'll find yourself


you don't believe it

don't listen to everything you know

you're mine in, in your sacred letter

you're my baby

your voice is so important to me

you've lied it, she's my babe to set a feeling

it's all on my back, you may see that

I'm not your man and your soul thing

you don't search the findings

the world's at stake

you might to love but might not to have

but there's a thing she made me every morning

I don't lie, cause I say

you're my best friend

you may like everything

and that's a fantastic story

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