Drag-on - Letter To X

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I can’t stand what they talk about the dog

I’m speaking on behalf of X

Fuck of all of you

Cause I remember when that nigger used to …

All you mother fucker suck cock and balls

Disrespect getting punched in the mouth

When I’m bring them back

I’m gonna paunch you out

He said it she said it

Now how do you want them hangin’?

All you got to do is say it

AGO I say AK

Private jet made for you

X fuck what they’re saying

I’m everyday preying

You come back biting

Until then I’m a .. mother fucker lighter

Try to set fire to everything I touch

I’m gonna smoke niggers for you

And bring you back the ..

Plus bring you a .. bone so you can .. along that

And get a piece of blood maybe that will bring you back

Homey yeah the love is like that homey

I hit the gun I hit the club like that homey

Yo X I had the nigger balls

Cause I know it’s not fucking fair

Try to put the balls on you

Just chill easy dog

Think easy dog

This game is wide open

Let’s do .. dog

I got to do hit me

The AG involves

Yo X wake up

And let’s get them

Let’s get them nigger

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S Dot
Tuesday 6th of October 2020 19:14
These lyrics suck!!!...can't believe the disrespect.