Dolly Partons standing as one of the entertainment worlds most beloved and durable superstars is undeniably assured. But as the celestial-voiced songstress illustrates on her new Columbia/Blue Eye album Something Special, the thrill of making music is far from gone for the dazzling superstar.

Comprised of ten songs written by the prolific yet extraordinarily profound artist, Something Special reveals yet new dimensions to Dollys enormous musical gifts. With such songs as the enchanting Green-Eyed Boy, the heartbreaking Crippled Bird, the playful Speakin Of The Devil and the lilting title track, Dolly Parton effortlessly shows her undiminished gift for spinning timeless musical tales that has established her as one of country musics most cherished songwriters.

Once again sharing production duties with mentor Steve Buckingham, the singer caps off her latest project with a true musical coupe - a breathtakingly gorgeous duet with country star Vince Gill on the definitive version of the timeless classic I Will Always Love You. The song - which won BMIs Most Performed Song of the Year in 1993 as a result of the No. 1 hit delivered via pop diva Whitney Houston - has topped the charts three times proving itself a true songwriting classic.

With a characteristically jam-packed schedule that continues to become even more overrun with her continuing involvement in motion pictures, television and Dollywood, Dollys dedication to her first love - music - is nothing short of astounding. And a lesson for music lovers everywhere.