Dj Quik

Dj Quik - That Nigger’s Crazy

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You’re so crazy

Crazy, crazy, crazy , crazy, crazy

When the thing’s good

Hoes go down to the nuts

Don’t need no Viagra

Cause when the dick’s good

They put their cush

And swing it from left to ride until it ends

But then the psycho shows

And that’s what they becomin’

Passive agressive hoes

Talkin’ by flippin’ it

What you doin’?

You can’t put nothin in me bitch

I’m a boy

And if you’re keepin’ on your knee

I’mma block that pussy

Pull it and let a voice

Let’s start it from the barrel

So they know that I’m clean

And I’m so cool

I can have ice-cream

How you doin’

When you want it?

Come get up on it

If you get it

You don’t get it

You know how I get it when get it

I split it

Niggaz in the lobby talk just like a bitch

Mind open , heart hopeless

They complete with the drips

You lucky my security don’t wanna supply

They are lookin after you baby

If it was for me

You would be shy

Real men don’t gossip

And real dudes don’t plot

They put it down where they started it

And once they started they won’t stop

If you had as much money

As you think it’s worth

Yeah I’m the only guy that holds the key of the city of the hood

If you knew what your momma told me

You’d probably be fun

That’s the niggaz who block out like you do

Killer and a profit

I quit it at the trial

Only my hair is in luck

So keep this

I wanna know

I wanna kow

I wanna know

Why you so crazy

Why you so crazy?

Must be out of your mind baby

Must be out of your mind baby

You wanna know me?

You wanna know my mind?

Why don’t you take a pizza

And hear a dope ass lyin’?

I like to drink from thi cup

And have a dope ass talk

I like multiple bottles

You keep it all in line

I’m a star

You can only be a coast star here

Used to fight like hockey

I’ll treat you rocky

Check a nigga on Twitter

Watch your omma

Bite your lip

And i do all the drug you anna

Cause it’s all from the Earth

Make the rhymes just supplyin’

Just remmeber you’re worth

Your mind crazy

Your mind crazy

Why you so crazy?


Must be out of your mind

Must be out of your mind

Must be out of your mind

You’re so crazy

You’re so crazy

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