Dj Quik

Dj Quik - That Getter

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No. 2 is for pimps

So we’ll do it tremendous

I’m right in my head

I still see truth and potential

I’m throwin’ them parties

The ones you remember

In 1999 from June to November

I’m walkin’ round in Mercedes but I’m getting my shit heavy

With or without the heavy, yeah, I’m getting my shit heavy

Too funky, pretty much

Nigga in the lane, nigga showin’ me love

They brought me 12 drinks and I threw up in the club

I go too fucking hard,

I need to watch my health

See I need to brush my teeth and shit

Lay off this leadership

Before I get to see you high

See you high, damn high

Going around my neck

Ain’t nothing on my toes

I thought you were harder

Ain’t nothing on my nose

I’m a freak I suppose

I’m a freak I suppose

I’m whatever you want me this week to be, I suppose

Yeah it’s getting, it’s getting

It’s getting kind of heavy

All these hoes are getting naked

A toast to my brain, yeah

A toast to my brain, yeah

A toast to my homies

Now let’s go eat and get thick, yeah

I’m feeling kind of lonely, yeah

Nigga don’t understand me

He’s a God damn liar

If he don’t comprehend me

He’s probably too damn high

Understand Porsche, do you understand Mercedes?

You still don’t play up

Then I guess it’s good

You see night in my hood

I’m not in my hood

But I’m under my hood

Niggaz is 8.2 %, a population is good

50 % suspensions,that shit ain’t got

Motherfuckers in my neighborhood grew up to be nothing

And when I’m around the world startin’

They still aren’t doing nothing

Who’s next?

Standing on the top

I think I’m climbing to get some leverage

Opposition in my cup

Put me in the boat

The bottom filled with hope

I still make it to the Coast

We gonna party hard

And we ain’t in no West shop

I got this for long

Waiting to bust this

I’m workin’ for what I want

You think that everybody is beyond

But you know me

That’s why I send out

Man this life is so crazy

I’m smelling some chicks

I’m just making music,’til I know what I’mma do next

Neighbors know who I am, you ain’t got to be worth

When I came so far I just never acknowledged

I just love your astonishment

I’mma beat it to the death of me

And I’mma keep 100 to the death of me

A lot of love did I mention that?

But there are some times niggaz get the tension at

I keep it honest, don’t be mad at me

But I don’t really like to talk

Cause I don’t like to speak

And when I say that I keep you around

You know I put it down

Cause I’m that getter

I’m that getter

Yeah, cause I’m that getter

I’m that getter

I’m that getter

Cause I’m that getter

I’m that getter

I’m that getter

Cause I’m that getter

I’m that getter

I’m that getter

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