DJ Clue

DJ Clue - What The Beat

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(feat. Eminem, Method Man, Royce the 5-9)

[DJ Clue]

Ha haaaaa... [echoes]

[Method Man]

Professional 2 shit...WHAT!

Staten Island up in this muthafucka...

Mr. Meth rep rep rep rep rep rep...

For the cause

Wu-Tang Killa Beez forever my niggaz

Yeah...we put our draws in it...CLUE! [echoes]

[DJ Clue]

[talking over above Method Man verse]

New Method Man!



CLUE [echoes]

[Method Man]

Niggaz is like "Oh my God not you!"

Yes I'm in the flesh like hollow heads through your vest

No contest, M.E.-Eth Man's obsessed

With sex, drugs and rock & roll

New tecs and calicos!

Word has it we move mathematic on rappers

Who don't add up, you get broke, battered and slapped up

8 million stories in the nekkid call yo man Method

Straight guerilla iller nigga kill a murder record

My verbal shooter does it to ya

The 16-bar Ruger, bustin' yo funky dope manuevers

But I'm not ya Super Lover Cee, I'm the Super Sperm

Splash it on your skin rub it in like it's Lubriderm

10 out of 10 I'll be the...

Men of all men I mean the...

Creme de la creme a schemer...

Sippin' on 'Gnac and Zima...

True professional 2...


Now that Bush is president nigga we all through

[DJ Clue]



It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder

Why I keep on duckin' under the bed when I hear thunder

Cuz I ain't crazy, I say shit that's crazy to crazy people

To make 'em believe I'm crazy so they can relate to me

And maybe believe in Shady so they can be evil baby

I like that! I'm only as crazy as people made me

Believe me, there'll be just as many muthafuckin' murderers

And heroin users without Marlilyn's music

But I figure I make my music I don't care if you use it

To murder somebody, I just wanna be there when you do it!

Now the parents are suein' cuz little Darren is screwin'

Karen and Susan cause I told him to do it on Clue's new shit

Now it's all ruined, the whole world is fucked up

Cuz of me? Two 12-year old girls is knocked up

My attitude's 'fuck it' like Pac's was at one point

Wanna come join? Pick up a glock and just point

Now everybody's killin' everybody and everybody's bloody

And I'm just laughin' like it's funny

Cause I don't really give a shit about no-muthafuckin'-body

I'm so muthafuckin' nutty I don't give a fuck about nuttin'!


My wrist is...water and freeze

And mix this Jesus the repent shit gets big

Keep it sharp like knife in a pop device

So "Duro you gotta let it bump!", I came from a hard knock life

They say this kid be rude like this can't be true

I suck my own dick like if I had a rib removed

Vampire, sun go down I'm still wylin'

Bullets travel through the air in the night like Phil Collins

Rock City baby knife through your throat 'til you're broke

Rise from the underground like sewer smoke

It's all shifty, I got all-a my dogs wit' me

And they all rich, and still all-a they palms itchy

We'll pump, rumble over birds jungle urge

Walkin' like we talkin' drunk while we stumble over words

Clue [inhale]...Duro [inhale]...Slim [inhale]...Meth [inhale]...

Five [inhale]...Nine [inhale]...Hold up [inhale]...breath

[Method Man]

It's just...Mr. Meth and DJ Clue

I ain't crazy, I just do what the beats say do


It's just...Slim Shady and DJ Clue

I ain't evil, I just do what the beats say do


Unnh..Royce 5-9 and DJ Clue

I ain't bad, I just do what the beats say do..unnh...

[kiss noise]

[DJ Clue]

DJ Clue!

Desert Storm!

Come oooooooon maaaaaaaan! [echoes]

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