DJ Clue

DJ Clue started DJing back in 1990 when he was first rhyming. He had went to his mans house to do a tape on day and their was something wrong with the mic, so he started to mess around wit the turntables and did a nice mix and got gased says DJ Clue. So he has been DJing even since. I bet when you hear a DJ Clue tape, you say to your self, "What does he use to make his voice echo like that???", well he uses a ARS 10. AM Echo Chamber machine.

He also used Technics 1210's, a Stanton/Gemini mixer, and Ortophone for his needles. DJ Clue's ten favorite beats to mix and blend are "Impeach The President", "The Bridge", "Everybody Bounce", "Big Beat", "Come On Baby", "Do The James", "Top Billin'", "Everybody", "Make Your Music With Your Mouth", and "Nobody Beats The Biz".

When DJ Clue was asked in a interview in Rap Pages, "What do you have to do in order to take it to the next level creatively" He says, "I think its important that I keep bring the flava, because there are too many niggas that get on and fall right off because they start sleeping and they are not staying on point like they're supposed to. What happens is they start getting caught up in the hype and the limelight. The start going to parties thinking they the man".