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DJ Clue - Jay-Z Freestyle lyrics

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(feat. Jay-Z)

Old school, new school need to know this

I burn like Left Eye Lisa Lopez

Burn slow like blunts of hydro

Jigga Man, BK shit, y'all know

Jigga Man, ya heard? the fugitive..

allow me to spit on this Clue shit,

allow me to thank the people for all of their support, and your prayers

and all the people that prejudge me, fuck you, suck my dick..

[Verse 1]

D.A. act like a nigga starvin' for Jay

if they lock me in a cage, fuck it, party away

I'm still hot, I'm still S dot ya'll

still got Millions buried in the sock drawer

still holdin' my own on the corner nigga

what can't kill me can only make me stronger nigga

and when I get back home

get your ass up out the throne

it's just goin' back to the way shit was

I'ma stay hot no matter what my shit does

I could drop a straight dud, I'ma stay up

niggas tryin' to break my will

you know that ain't my steel

I'm Destiny's Child, my fate's been sealed

You're dealin' with a higher power

I'm like Dwight Eisenhower

My life can move a thousand miles and hour

reflect me folks

As my world turns like the wheels on a bicycle spoke

It's much deeper than a soap, it's a constant drama series

All they see is money, they want me to blind the jury

All this bullshit can make the mind weary

But my theory is the sun shines clearly

(The Sun will shine clearly!)

[Verse 2]

Now everybody wanna rhyme like Hov'

'cause I rhyme like I be rhymin' in the Rov'

climbin' in them hoes

my minds like the diamonds, I'll blind you at them shows

I don't shine, I glow

I remind you of that dough

don't I? murder niggas won't I?

my persona, hustler turned rapper, smell the crack aroma

send shots like toma! in any language

leave niggas in a coma when I'm bangin' that Fifth

get chicks lit off Coronas and bamboo spliffs

and get the camcorder to camcord their hand movements

and for what? ya'll actin' like ya'll better than Hov'

ya'll niggas should open up for the Letterman show


niggas is funny,

all I do is get money and ya'll niggas sound funny to me

everybody's rappin' like they better than Hov'

but thats shit's real funny to me


I'm at the forefront of this rap shit, truth is truth

look around at all the platinum, proof is proof

listen to how niggas is rappin', thats do to who?

but I'ma let niggas live 'cause it's beautiful

Live niggas...

Jigga Man ya heard? Clue...Duro...

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