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DJ Clue - Fantastic Four Pt. 2 lyrics

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(feat. Cam'Ron, Fabolous, The LOX, Nature)


Peronas the crib sicker than Madonna's

gettin more press then Elien Gonzalez

Some niggas tell me I'm the hottest

I never cool off

Criticize the shit I write but it's never too soft

Snatch channels like I'm Disney

half grizzlie unexplain

when niggas see me they duck

hoppin i pass quickley

Someone to laugh wit me get acquainted

they know exactly when a niggas famous

or livin dangerous

The kid got a glow like i just came home

try to dull me

niggas that owe be hiding from me

Changin their names

screenin their calls

the dreamcast in the crib

never leavin at all

Playin NBA 2K for two days straight

fifty dollas a game

ket me polish my gain

Withdrawin at the bank

never deposit a thing

yo I gotta make a dolla wit slang


Back in the day we was slave

whips and chains

its tradition

all i got whips and chains

All i did

flip some cane

now a nigga sick of the range

only a new six could fix the pain

Look at all these goose bumps round my wrist and veins

Milton Bradley wanna get my game

5-0 wanna frisk my frame

I dont deal wit cheap blow

when i shoot no block

sort of like a free throw

Cant miss

and one of you bitches burn me and i cant piss

got me itchin like its dandrif

you gone see the back of cam hand quick you dam bitch

im a stomp you stab you

look at you you dam bitch

Ya love I would dumb back out

everybody like "killa

when u come back out," Listen

I like rap

routine had to stop

met a new connect got it 18 a whop

Cops on payroll every block got blow

we fight every night

reunite then pop Mo

Thats how it is when you deal wit me

and I dont feel tv

only real tv

Real money real gats real cats real girls

MTV I'll show you the real world

Cats run up on you

splater your white eyes

thats only to make saturday night live

Lookin for a casket got the right size

wanna bake a cake i got the right pies

Crashed up the four

but now the right five

lookin for beef you found the right guys

Old folk say "cam stop ur route

why you gotta get the guns

just box it out"

Listen that there is trife

only fightin is the doctor

and thats for your life

As for your wife

took her out just to tour town

bench press for what

I lift four pounds

Tear up your car

all four doors down

cats wanna box

well heres four more rounds



Keep talkin bout convertibles and your ice

I'ma smack you yap you and murder you

Keep talkin bout your dawgs is this

and you leavin out the part that your dawgs is bitch

Lets get straight to the point

aint a nigga better than me

im agrivated and im fed to the T

If I gotta do joints

and im sittin for five

when you remeniss about me

say the nigga was live

I got twelve arm robberies pendin

a dope charge, a gun charge

hard to see holiday bendin

Wit a brand new case

twenty niggas, the ride

a spot OT

and some brand new base

Why say names

you could get who ever you know

I got the gun cocked

ready to blow

Dont compare his rhymes to mines

mines is real

and his is just words and lines


Now I'ma give it to you straight cause I don't cop no pleas

Sheek Lush, a nigga who got lots of cheese

Wit enough coke to stand on and slide like ski's

and you could see your whole body on my H-R vreethe

How you wanna do this shit

like the quick and the dead

so i could cock back

empty out the back of your head

Do a drive-by go head

Im quick wit the heater

I shoot threw you

your car

and threw the parkin meter


Look it ain't much to talk about, fuck you

Fuck where you from, you better wear your gun

Won't shoot nothin, but you will appear in court

I put your brains everywhere so you could share your thoughts

Few hot shells outta the chrome will leave you there

wit a funny smell like gun powder colon

Listen everythings about the kiss

the new dope out

sky blue CL 6

wit the new poke outs

Tired of the speculation faggit

everything is real here

ya aint gonna get wreck on jason

Hold down the fort

could never be baught

so I dont flip when the crackers wave checks in my facin

Rather start gunnin

cause soon as you start chasin the money

thats when the money start runnin

I drive by in a car service

hope out wit mad nigga

pull my phone out

like ya nervous


Like ya dont know the kid stay hittin benches

wit kay's of the cane

leave strays sittin inches

away from your brain

In them grey kitted benzes

I sway threw the lanes

now the nay's just sit and flinches

when they see the chain

Ya might not never come out

my verses get heard

I'm a hustler

I dont sleep from the first to the third

Take the ???? to Cali

but the shots go quickly

put red spots on your neck

and they not no hickeys

The truck still got those micky's

and dont even pass it my way

if its not no sticky

No matter where Im at

I pop regaurdless

cause I get knocked I cut a check

ya gone drop the charges

Put three holes in head

make em look like bowlin balls

Come threw in spring

wit nikes that dont get sold till fall

So I could hardly care

cause the only way I see time behind bars

if its a cartier

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