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DJ Clue - Exclusive - New Shit lyrics

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[DJ Clue]

New shit, Nature

(Yo, yo Nate, you gon do this for Queens,this one here for Queens yanawmean?)

(Yo Nature gon rip this down, for Clueminatti and the whole Queens)

It's the, DJ CLUE

(We gon spit this one for the 1999)


Aiyyo, I got a bitch buy me 'dro, a bitch buy me clothes

A bitch that can't cook, stay burnin Sloppy Joe's

Olive Oyl legs, even them stocky hoes

Bitches that I used to beep, but forget they codes

They stay frontin, no kissin, strictly face fuckin

I get em drunk in my room, and keep Mase bumpin

The one wit Total, your friends might of told you

I violate menage's, pimp game be bi-coastal

Officialize one's high fold you, run and tell em next

Cuz only some become gremlettes

I never spend for sex, strictly rainy days

Strictly wit the fat ass, backshots made me spray

Like the shotty pump, they tried to tie me up

And want to spend the night, every time we fuck

Get a snooze on, cum stains in a futon

It ain't a game, still you run when the food's gone

Now who is wrong


When I spit, you spit, hot shh, new shh

Exclusive, Nature, Clue shh

When you spit, I spit, new shh, hot shh

Exclusive, Jungle, watch this

When I spit, you spit, hot shh (DJ Clue), new shh

(The Professional), exclusive, Nature, Clue shh

When you spit, I spit, new shh, hot shh

Exclusive (STUPID!!), Jungle watch this


Got a fiend that owes me ten, a fiend that owes a buck

Got a decent job, pay they debts slow as fuck

Catch em in the street, ?mo fit? up, say "come on you bitch"

It's only money I'm involved wit

Calculations, foreclose homes out in Vegas

I run wit TM, meanin bitches pay us, it's outrageous

CLK's, rims ill, tinted up, pullin bitches wit bird shit on the windshield

Hoppin out, niggas front, we knock em out

Like a smooth boxer, writin new how shh

Generatin paper like Lou Gosset

Makin moves while your crew gossip

Read about us, raw shh, our feats'll doubt us

Niggas talk shh, a team of cowards

Need to stop frontin when there's nuttin to do

Nuttin new, niggas is comin for you

Yeah, it's 1998, Nature somethin for Clue

Chorus 2x *with Clue shoutouts*

[DJ Clue]

You know how we do it, Queens style

Every trip, haha

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