Division Of Laura Lee

The story of Division of laura lee so far… Division of laura as a unit was formed back in 1997, and with their love of music they wanted to create the most charismatic, passionate and naked rock imaginable. In their collective experience, the ambition was born to develop their own personal sound not unlike post-punk, such as bands like Drive Like Jehu & Fugazi etc.

They are experienced musicians that formerly shined in constellations such as The Outstand, Uncle and The Smoke. With their improvised, but still so organized rhythm arrangement and textflow, they generate such energy it flows through you like electric pulses, beating with extraordinary charisma. Today Division of laura lee might be compared with heavy, yet catchy alternative rocking stuff comparable to AT THE DRIVE IN, FUGAZI meets JESUS & THE MARY CHAIN and MY BLOODY VALENTINE.

On stage they challenge the audience with their charm and happiness, still having an attitude not to dispel. Why Division of laura lee is one of best live-acts of Scandinavia is probably due to the 100’s of gigs they made since the start back in 1997. They have toured Germany, France, UK, Slovenia, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium and all over Scandinavia.

Division of laura lee has formerly released a couple of vinyl singles (7”) which made them popular in the Underground & Alternative rock/hardcore scene. They have also released an album on a French label back in -99.

Back to now and lately, and more particularly the Hultsfred festival where the bands live-show and adhesive noise impressed so much that Burning Heart had to sign the band on spot.

The CDep ”Pretty Electric” released on the 24:th of September is recorded in August 2001 with producer Kalle Gustavsson of SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES fame (and known from producing SILVERBULLIT, BAD CASH QUARTET and co-producing THE ARK, HÅKAN HELLSTRÖM etc) and the album is on the way to be released in January 2002.

October, November & December will be up for constant touring, in October all over europe with International Noise Conspiracy and in November, December on their own in Scandinavia. By year 2002 they will also support Soundtrack of our lives on gigs. Salute The Division…

Source: http://www.divisionoflauralee.com